This project consists of a gallery installation, web interface, and free downloadable newstickers. Through a graphic interface, visitors can select “Minds of Concern”—groups, movements, or NGOs such as Oxfam, Freedom from Debt Coalition, or COSATU—that are engaged in critical global activities inside our networked society. This list will also include artistic media activists and all participating artists in the New Museum exhibition. By clicking a name in this list—either in the installation or on the website—visitors trigger a set of network processes that investigate the security conditions of a different server and evaluate whether it is secure or open to hacking attacks. The software processes used in Minds of Concern are dramatically transformed and externalized through light and sound signals in a kind of “Alert Zone” in the main gallery space, as well as through textual data flows in the installation. A primary aspect of this installation are plastic constructions made of Rubbermaid™ food boxes and trash baskets, opening up a controlled space for the network processes as well as signifying the in/stable structures of daily life.

In this project, we determine the borders of what is and what is not legal in the (US) public domain after patriot act (infoPatriotAct.htm), and we are trying to seek out the areas of friction between an active construction of the public domain, the expansive US legal system, and the debilitating dimensions of an intensively patrolled, supposedly open communication and information infrastructure like the Internet.

CRACKED ..Minds of concern::breakingnews...!!
May 12,2002
CRACKED public domain



<Open_Source_Art_Hack> Exhibition at the New Museum New York 2002


knowbotic research in collaboration with Peter Sandbichler (installation)

Wendy Seltzer,
Wolfgang Staehle +THE THING (Gisela Ehrenfried, Jan Gerber, Walter Palmetshofer), Thomas Sandbichler, Ingo Guenther, Tim Druckrey, Andreas Broeckmann

Ania Kurowska, Richie Münch-Jindal, Marco Klingmann, Christoph Burgdorfer

Kunstsektion Austria

Rubbermaid Corp